Cathedrale DE Meaux

“Packaging reminiscent of the Cathedrale in Meaux, France!”

This beautiful, soft white cheese with a smooth, velvety pure white rind. This paste is warm yellow, indicating its triple crème quality. Named after the historic cathedral in the region of Meaux, in the Paris basin, this cheese takes on the traditional creamy flavors of a Brie. Being a 70% brie, it’s a deliciously decadent triple crème.

Family: Brie, soft-ripened
Texture: Buttery, runny and exceptionally creamy
Rind: Bloomy, white
Color: Light yellow
Flavor: Fresh cream notes and buttery taste
Aroma: Pronounced
Vegetarian: No

Usage / recipe suggestions:

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Serve with crusty bread or fresh/dried fruits. Easily spreadable which makes it a great partner for artisan sandwiches or topping on apple slices.For breakfast or brunch, enjoy sliced Cathedrale de Meaux on toast to pair with soft-boiled egg Florentine to give your dish that extra delicate flavor!

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Accompany with wine

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Accompany Cathedrale de Meaux with a clean tasting wine or Champagne.

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