Webex Enterprise Agreement

Webex Enterprise Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Businesses across the globe depend on video conferencing tools to communicate with remote teams and clients. And one of the most popular tools in the market is Cisco Webex. It is a unified communication solution that offers a range of features, including video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing, to name a few.

If your business uses Webex frequently, the Webex Enterprise Agreement (EA) is worth exploring. A Webex EA is a contract that provides businesses with advanced features and discounted pricing for large deployments. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the Webex EA entails and its benefits to businesses.

What is the Webex Enterprise Agreement?

A Webex EA is a long-term contract designed for businesses that require Webex services for a large number of users. The agreement enables companies to purchase and manage Webex licenses in bulk and can cater to up to tens of thousands of users.

By signing a Webex EA, businesses can access the complete suite of Cisco Collaboration services. Additionally, the agreement offers flexible licensing and purchasing options, enabling businesses to choose the specific tools and features that best suit their requirements.

Benefits of a Webex EA for Businesses

There are many reasons why businesses choose to sign a Webex EA. Here are a few benefits that the agreement offers:

1. Cost Savings

The most significant advantage that a Webex EA offers is cost savings. By purchasing licenses in bulk, businesses can access significant discounts that are not available through regular licensing. Moreover, businesses can save additional costs on hardware, software, and maintenance.

2. Streamlined Management

Managing a large number of Webex licenses can be a big challenge, but a Webex EA simplifies this process. The agreement allows businesses to manage their licenses via a central platform, enabling them to monitor usage, assign licenses, and handle payments.

3. Advanced Features

Webex EA provides businesses with access to advanced features and capabilities that are unavailable with standard licensing. This includes advanced security features, unlimited cloud storage, and customized branding options.

4. Technical Support

Webex EA provides businesses with priority technical support and access to Cisco experts. This ensures that businesses receive timely assistance and enjoy seamless communication without any technical glitches.

How to Get a Webex EA for Your Business

To sign up for a Webex EA, businesses need to contact a Webex sales representative or a Cisco partner. The representative will discuss the company`s requirements and provide a customized proposal as per the organizations` needs.


The Webex Enterprise Agreement is an excellent option for businesses that use Webex frequently. The agreement provides cost savings, advanced features, and streamlined management. The contract caters to the specific needs of large businesses that require Webex licenses for a significant number of users. By signing up for a Webex Enterprise Agreement, businesses can enjoy all the benefits that Webex has to offer, including seamless communication, flexible licensing, and exceptional support.

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