Wake up your taste buds!

Something about spring seems to put a smile on our faces. Perhaps it’s simply because spring holds
the promise of longer days, warmer temperatures and more colorful landscapes. Spring also brings a
refreshing burst of color to our table and flavor to our recipes with flower-like artichokes, sweet tart
grapefruit, bright green sugar snap peas and more.

But let’s face it – most of us would rather spend more time outdoors and less time in the kitchen once
spring rolls around. That’s why our features recipes are easy to make and call for easy-to-find
ingredients. The secret to each recipe, of course, is the addition of gourmet cheese. You’ll find that
just a touch of a high-quality cheese turns ordinary recipes into extraordinary dishes that are
absolutely delicious! We’ve carefully selected each recipe, and each cheese, choosing varieties that
showcase the flavors of their garden counterparts.

Tease your taste buds with our zesty Manchego Shrimp Ceviche.

Then cool off with our Fruity Spring Salad with Bleu d’Auvergne.

Satisfy your craving for lighter fare with our Smoked Salmon, Alouette and Avocado Verrine.

Enjoy the first strawberries of the season stuffed with a rich blue cheese.

Butterflies and blossoms aren’t the only signs of spring. Your own table will reflect the lusciousness of the season… giving you yet one more reason to smile.

Bon appetit!

Winning parties, winning dishes, …and winning hearts!

Here are some cool ideas to warm up a Superbowl party, Valentines Day or any winter entertaining event. Start with a fabulous Fondue and make a superbowl of any party. *(See below to win a super gourmet Fondue Maker.)

Winning Fondue Made Simple and Simply Delicious
The foundation of most popular cheese fondues is simply melting cheese in one of three basic liquids -white wine- beer or broth with a little flour to hold it together. The Secret of making it truly special is choosing fine artisinal cheeses. One example is Emmi Switzerland Gruyere®. Creamy and fruity, it is one of the world’s most famous melting cheeses. Creating your own signature fondue is as simple as teaspoon touches of your taste preference- hot sauce, garlic, dry mustard, soy sauce, or Worcestershire.

Winning Hearts for Valentines Day
A fine imported cheese can be a gifted taste surprise that wins over guests and loved ones. Cupid may have had a hand in naming Saint Andre® “The Heavenly Cheese”. This triple cream brie is created in Normandy, France. A satiny taste. An edible downy white rind and a very sweet treat.

Viva La Cheeseboard
Introducing a cheeseboard centerpiece that’s the most popular brand of hard cheese in all France, Entremont Comte®. Firm, nutty and elegantly rich, it is smooth and sliceable.
Surround this versatile connoisseur with unexpected partners like figs, pears, papaya, pistachios, and dark baked bread. For Valentine’s Day, you can even indulge and accent with some dark chocolates.

Superbowl Win Fun Fact: Seattle Seahawks victory over Denver Broncos by a score of
43 to 8, was the most lopsided Super Bowl score in 21 years. Five of the past seven Super Bowls have been decided by a touchdown or less.

Fun Fact: Actual cave aging is standard process for certain artisanal cheeses. Emmi Kaltbach Cave Aged Emmentaler Emmi Switzerland Gruyere® spends a minimum of 9 months in swiss caves.

Valentine’s Day Fun Fact:
The popular theory about Valentine’s Day is that Emperor Claudius II didn’t want Roman men to marry during wartime. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. Valentine was jailed and wrote a note to the jailor’s daughter signing it “from your Valentine”.

Deck your halls with artful serving throughout the holiday season

Here are serving ideas that will entertain family, friends and drop-ins on every occasion.
A selection of fine artisanal cheeses is a great starter for new taste ideas. Easy to prep, easy to keep on hand, and very easy to love.

Cranberries and cheese
Spread the word on this creamy conversation piece. Perfect for Thanksgiving, every special holiday or just for giving thanks to wonderful taste. A unique example is Real Yorkshire Wensleydale. This classic imported cheese is artfully blended with Ocean Spray Cranberries. Smooth and just a touch as salty as an old New Englander, it brightens up a cheeseboard or even a grouchy uncle.

Thanksgiving Fun Fact: Two Turkeys named May and Flower won a trip to the Disneyworld Parade after a pardon by President Bush in November 2007.

Fun Fact Royal Yorkshire: Wensleydale has an original recipe dated to 1141, over 500 years before the first US Thanksgiving. It is the only U.K cheese allowed to use the US logo of Ocean Spray Cranberry.


Finger foods, football and fun
Surprise the big game fans with an artisanal touch to tradition: a russet colored and rugged tasting cheese. A superb example is Red Fox brand from Belton Farms. Its texture is as crunchy as a great tackle. You’ll get the cheers for your cheeseboard and compliments for your finger foods. Great with beer, ale or Zinfandel.

Fun Fact about Red Fox: Russet color in cheese signals rich and savory flavor. It comes from the age-old British tradition of adding natural vegetable dye Annatto.


Fondues fabulous for all seasons
Melted artisanal handcrafted cheese will
melt hearts as a party centerpiece or a sleepover breakfast. French Entremont, for example, is the world’s most famous melting cheese. 55-day maturity brings show-stopping taste to your table and puts the special in every special occasion.


The community of cheese lovers

Oktoberfest Snacks
Every Kid Will Fall For

The weather is changing and after-school appetites are always in season. Oktoberfest harvests bring healthy eating fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese combos. Fine imported cheeses are wunderbar for a fun Oktoberfest after-school party for kids. Serve up with apple slices, soft pretzels and root beer. Parmissimo Parmigiano serves up snackable sticks and spreadable wedges. All natural, healthy for kids.

Fun Fact about Oktoberfest: Along with red cabbage and white wursts almost 7 million visitors celebrate in Munich Germany every year for this festival.

Fun Fact about Cheese: Holes in cheese are called eyes. Cheesemakers typically check for proper eye formation by sound – thumping by hand.